December 22 - January 9| Young Photographers Exhibition in Istanbul

December 9|  Screening of Winter Sleep

September 19 - October 19| The Built Environment, Lower East Side in Istanbul

May 20, 2014| Threshold - A Staged Reading by Hasan Erkek

May 16 - 25, 2014| 13th New York Turkish Film Festival

May 15, 2014| Young Photographers Award Open Call Application Deadline

May 2-3, 2014| Sakinan Göze Çöp Batar (An Overprotected Eye Always Gets Sand in it)

April 1, 2014| Deadline for SVA Summer Residency Scholarship

January 16 - March 1, 2014| Private Matters organized by Ceren Erdem, Jaime Schwartz, and Lisa Hayes Williams

November 12-30, 2013 | 2013 Young Photographers Exhibition in Istanbul at The Elipsis Gallery

August 2, 2013 | 13th NYTFF Film Submission Deadline

July 27-28| "Oasis" Presented by NY2Dance at Ailey Citigroup Theater

May 2013| 2013 YPA Winner Announcement

March 21| Deadline for SVA Summer Residency Scholarship Applications

November 30, 2012| Priene Hali Benefit Sale

August 26, 2012| Korhan Basaran performance at the Wild Project

June 27, 2012| 2012 SVA Open Studios

March 30-September 15, 2012| "Films About Conscience" Open Call

April 27-May 10, 2012| "The Space Between: A Panorama of Cinema in Turkey" at The Film Society of Lincoln Center

January 4-17, 2012| "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" at Film Forum 

January 4-15, 2012 | "Lick but Don't Swallow," by Ozen Yula

November 5-18, 2011 | "Young Photographers Award" Exhibition 

November 11, 2011|Kardes Turkuler Music Workshop

November 11, 2011| Asli Çavuşoğlu: Words Dash Against the Façade

November 13, 2011 Kardes Turkuler in Concert with Arto Tuncboyaciyan  feat. Special Guest Ara Dinkjian

October 15, 2011| Application Deadline for Call for Short Films: "Films about Conscience" Project

October 8, 2011|Once Upon a Time in Anatolia by Nuri Bilge Ceylan at NYFF

July 13-16, 2011 | "For Rent," by Ozen Yula    

June 2011 | Summer Residency Program at SVA

May 2011 | "Young Photographers Award" winner announcement

April 11 | Summer Residency Program at SVA Application Deadline

March 25&27 | Public Screening of Majority (Cogunluk)

December 3-5, 10-12 | 12th New York Turkish Film Festival

October-November 2010 | Turkish Film Screenings in Ithaca (NY), Madison (MI), Milwaukee (MI) and Seattle (WA)

August 5, 2010 | Summer Residency Program: Open Studios & Exhibition




Yazi Tura / Toss Up

Yazi Tura / Toss Up

2004, 102 minutes
35 mm, color 
Turkish with English subtitles

Sunday, October 2, 8:00 PM 

Tickets: $10 (Adults), $6 (Students/Seniors with valid ID)

Free pass to the Turkish Film Festival for Contributing Members

Written and directed by Ugur Yücel
Cinematography by Baris Özbiçer, Ahmet Emre Tanyildiz, Tayfun Çetindag, Roy Kurtluyan
Edited by Ugur Yücel, Sigurbjörg Jonsdottir, Valdís Óskarsdóttir 
Music by Erkan Ogur
Produced by Hakki Göçeoglu, Defne Kayalar, Haris Padouvas, Ugur Yücel 
Featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu, Olgun Simsek, Bahri Beyat, Engin Günaydin, Teoman Kumbaracibasi, Erkan Can, Settar Tanriögen

Contact Information

Maya Entertainment Inc.
Film Center Building
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 901
New York, NY 10036 USA
Tel: 1-212-333 2232
Fax: 1-212-333 2238
Contact: Mevlut Akkaya

Yazi Tura (Toss Up) melds the stories of two tragedies through the experiences of two young men, “Ridvan the Devil,” a soccer player from Göreme, and “Cevher the Ghost,” a young man who is living with his father in Istanbul. After serving together in the army in Eastern Anatolia in 1999, both men return to their civilian lives. Ridvan has lost his right leg, while Cevher has lost the ability to hear in his right ear after the explosion of a mine. In his first feature film, Yücel has created a story that will haunt audiences for days after leaving the theater. Yücel’s deliberate attempt to disturb the audience and his avoidance of conventional storytelling techniques result in a fresh narrative that signals the emergence of a new auteur in Turkish cinema. 

“...Nature also catches up with the protagonists of Ugur Yucel’s highly acclaimed Toss-Up (Yazi Tura, 2004), which could be considered Distant’s stylistic opposite. Shot on DV in a dislocating vérité style that borders on abstraction, the film portrays the lives of two soldiers who return from the army with sharp psychic and physical wounds. Both of their tales turn on overpowering natural forces: One finds the inability to keep his urges in check leads to ruin among the snowy wastes of his hometown, while the other experiences the massive 1999 Marmara Earthquake, forcing a redefinition of his suppressed fears and a reconnection with his family. Although, like Ceylan, Yucel also tackles emotional alienation, he gives in spectacularly: Toss-Up builds to near-operatic crescendos that might have placed the film firmly within the tradition of Turkish tearjerkers of yore, were it not so expertly directed and acted...”

Excerpt from “How Does It Feel to Feel?: Recent Turkish Cinema” by Bilge Ebiri, cinema scope 23

Festivals and Awards

2005 International Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey): Best Director, Best Actor (Olgun          Simsek), People’s Choice Award
2005 Adana Film Festival (Turkey): Best Director, Best Actor (Olgun Simsek and          Kenan Imirzalioglu), Best Supporting Actor (Teoman Kumbaracibasi)
2005 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic): Official Selection 
2005 Ankara International Film Festival (Turkey): Best Actor (Olgun Simsek), Best          Original Music, Mahmut Tali Öngören Special Award 
2005 Nuremberg Turkish-German Film Festival (Germany): Best Film
2005 SIYAD Film Critics Awards (Turkey): Best Actor (Olgun Simsek), Best          Supporting Actor (Erkan Can), Best Original Music
2004 Antalya Film Festival (Turkey): Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay,          Best Actor (Olgun Simsek), Best Supporting Actress (Eli Mango), Best          Supporting Actor (Bahri Beyat), Best Editing, Best Original Music, Best          Costume Design, Best Hair and Make-Up Design, Best Sound Mixing

From Atilla Dorsay

The First Directing Effort of a Professional Actor 
Yazi Tura/Toss Up

Does the film derive its name from the fact that life sometimes depends on something as insignificant as a flipped coin? Or do the two protagonists of the film form a story that is bonded together like the two sides of a coin?

The protagonist of the first story-line, Seytan Ridvan, has lost his leg and is like a solitary figure casting his shadow on the unequalled landscape of Göreme. Having lost all hope for happiness and the future along with his severed limb, he is subjected to continual nightmares of the past. Neither his lover nor his friends can understand the furor or storms brewing within him. Only later do we discover what has truly destroyed his soul. As for Cevher, against the warnings of his father, he has gotten involved in dirty dealings. Deaf in one ear, prone to violence, and living like a ghost in his father's apartment, the sudden Marmara Earthquake shakes him. The subsequent arrival of his father's Greek ex-wife and her grown son only deepen the shock.

Although Toss Up starts out with a constantly moving camera and grainy digital images, which lend it an amateur or avant-garde feeling, these minor obstacles are quickly overcome and the story rivets the viewer's attention. The two stories are narrated in an interesting, unique and tender fashion that reflects Ugur Yücel's distinctive personality and deliberation in making this film, as well as his well-known ruminations on cinema. Both stories are engaging. The first demonstrates that terror is so much more than what we read in the newspapers, while the second reflects the violent nature of the metropolis and subtly and symbolically tackles the problems of minorities who have for various reasons been forced to flee both Istanbul and Turkey.

With excellent performances from Olgun Simsek and the cast, and an especially charismatic performance by Kenan Imirzalioglu that signals his rise as a leading male lead, the film makes one thing certain: with this film Turkish cinema has gained a new and talented new director. 


Hirsiz Var! / Robbery alla Turca!  

Hirsiz Var! / Robbery alla Turca!

2005, 100 minutes
35 mm, color 
Turkish with English subtitles

Sunday, October 2, 5:00 PM 

Tickets: $10 (Adults), $6 (Students/Seniors with valid ID)

Free pass to the Turkish Film Festival for Contributing Members

Directed by Oguzhan Tercan
Screenplay by Haluk Özenç
Cinematography by Tolga Kutlar
Music by Iskender Paydas
Produced by Mehmet N. Karaca, Ali Akdeniz
Featuring Haluk Bilginer, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Gamze Özçelik, Birol Ünel, Gülse Birsel, Fatih Akin, Dost Elver, Mustafa Turan, Suna Pekuysal

Contact Information

Mag Multi Media 
TOBB Binasi, Talatpasa Cad. No: 3
Levent 34394 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 90-212-283 6271
Fax: 90-212-283 4066
Contact: Mehmet Karaca 

The death of a billionaire businessman unleashes greed among a cast of colorful characters who vie for his fortune. As preparations for the auction of his art collection get underway, two thieves are hired to carry out a heist of the valuable paintings. Meanwhile, the fashion-designer brother of the deceased man’s widow plans a career-affirming fashion show at the same luxury hotel where the auction is meant to take place. To confuse matters even more, two mafia men, newly released from prison, show up to take revenge against their already deceased enemy. Adding to the chaos of the situation is the involvement of a glamorous model, her ex-lover, the police, and a probing paparazzi photographer. The result is an unexpected and humorous twist of events, as the characters cross paths in this lively comedy. The film also marks Fatih Akin (Head-On) and Birol Ünel’s (Head-On) first acting parts in a comedy.

Festivals and Awards

2004 European Film Awards: Nomination


Olu Fotograf / Dead Photo

Olu Fotograf / Dead Photo

2004, 11’
Digital, B&W and color

Sunday, October 2, 8:00 PM 
Sunday, October 2, 2:00 PM (Short Film Program) 

Free pass to the Turkish Film Festival for Contributing Members

Directed by Öncü Olca, Murat Öcal
Screenplay by Öncü Olca
Cinematography by Öncü Olca, Murat Öcal
Edited by Ozan Cemre Pekdemir
Sound by Ozan Cemre Pekdemir
Music by Richard Einhorn
Produced by Özlin Özdemir
Featuring Fatih Demirkiran, Ilyas Salman, Özlin Özdemir

Contact Information

Contact: Öncü Olca

When a child street vendor who sells handkerchiefs sees a little girl crying, he extends a handkerchief to her. However, he refuses to take the money when the little girl wants to pay him, as there is something else other than money that he wants from her.

Festivals and Awards

2005 Nuremberg Turkish-German Film Festival (Germany): Best Short Film


Bekleyolu / Roadwait

Bekleyolu / Roadwait

2004, 11’ 
Digital, color

Sunday, October 2, 2:00 PM (Short Film Program) 

Free pass to the Turkish Film Festival for Contributing Members

Directed by Elif Refig
Cinematography by Hakan Tezer, Refik Öpertepe
Edited by Kivanç Ilgüner
Produced by Elif Refig 
Featuring Garip Kaynak, Ali Topçuoglu, Servet Asker, Edip Taçarli

Contact Information

Contact: Elif Refig

Four people are observed in Beyoglu, Istanbul’s most crowded and cosmopolitan area. Their stability and permanence contrast with the transitory hustle and flow of the street.

Festivals and Awards

2005 !F Istanbul AFM Independent Film Festival (Turkey)
2005 UIA Istanbul World Architecture Congress (Turkey)
2005 Transmediale International Media Art Festival (Germany)
2004 Akbank National Short Film Festival (Turkey)
2004 “filimdeyim” Bilgi University Short Film Days (Turkey)
2004 Tirana International Film Festival (Albania)


Toz / Dust

Toz / Dust

2005, 13’ 55” 
35 mm, color 

Sunday, October 2 5:00 PM 
Sunday, October 2, 2:00 PM (Short Film Program) 

Free pass to the Turkish Film Festival for Contributing Members

Written and directed by H. Fatih Kizilgök
Cinematography by Robbie Ryan
Edited by H. Fatih Kizilgök
Art direction by Özgür Özcan
Sound by Çagdas Karagöz
Produced by Arda Topaloglu
Featuring Güçlü Yalçiner, Osi Tatjiana Mul

Contact Information

Kalipçi Sokak, Tamar Apt., No: 106/12
Tesvikiye, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 90-532-264 9949
Contact: H. Fatih Kizilgök 

Toz (Dust) presents vignettes from an extraordinary but imperfect life that a couple created for themselves. A violent event, incomprehension, and acceptance are among the micro-stories that the film presents. The film’s narrative stems not from grand-events and their beginnings or endings, but from these small memories. As a result, we find ourselves in a dust cloud in which Osi and her lover struggle. 

Festivals and Awards

2005 Aarhus International Film Festival (Denmark), International Program 
2005 International Short Film Festival Hamburg (Germany), International          Competition 
2005 Cracow Film Festival (Poland), International Competition 
2005 Corta! Porto International Short Film Festival (Portugal), International          Competition: Best Film
2005 Istanbul Commerce University (Turkey), National Competition (Turkey):          BestFilm 
2005 Amsterdam Turkish Cinema Days (The Netherlands)
2005 International Istanbul Short Film Days (Turkey), National Competition:          Special Jury Award
2005 Istanbul International Film Festival (Turkey), Non-competitive Selection 
2005 Hisar Short Film Festival (Turkey), Non-competitive Selection
2005 Tampere International Short Film Festival (Finland), International          Competition 
2005 Ankara International Film Festival (Turkey), National Competition:          Second Place Award in Fiction
2005 Mithat Alam Film Center Special Screening and Director Talk (Turkey)
2005 !f Istanbul AFM Independent Film Festival (Turkey), National Competition:          Special Jury Award
2005 International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), International          Competition
2004 Akbank National Short Film Festival (Turkey), National Competition: Jury          Mention Award (Offline Version)
2004 Columbia Tristar National Short Film Competition (Turkey): Best Film Award          (Offline Version)