December 22 - January 9| Young Photographers Exhibition in Istanbul

December 9|  Screening of Winter Sleep

September 19 - October 19| The Built Environment, Lower East Side in Istanbul

May 20, 2014| Threshold - A Staged Reading by Hasan Erkek

May 16 - 25, 2014| 13th New York Turkish Film Festival

May 15, 2014| Young Photographers Award Open Call Application Deadline

May 2-3, 2014| Sakinan Göze Çöp Batar (An Overprotected Eye Always Gets Sand in it)

April 1, 2014| Deadline for SVA Summer Residency Scholarship

January 16 - March 1, 2014| Private Matters organized by Ceren Erdem, Jaime Schwartz, and Lisa Hayes Williams

November 12-30, 2013 | 2013 Young Photographers Exhibition in Istanbul at The Elipsis Gallery

August 2, 2013 | 13th NYTFF Film Submission Deadline

July 27-28| "Oasis" Presented by NY2Dance at Ailey Citigroup Theater

May 2013| 2013 YPA Winner Announcement

March 21| Deadline for SVA Summer Residency Scholarship Applications

November 30, 2012| Priene Hali Benefit Sale

August 26, 2012| Korhan Basaran performance at the Wild Project

June 27, 2012| 2012 SVA Open Studios

March 30-September 15, 2012| "Films About Conscience" Open Call

April 27-May 10, 2012| "The Space Between: A Panorama of Cinema in Turkey" at The Film Society of Lincoln Center

January 4-17, 2012| "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" at Film Forum 

January 4-15, 2012 | "Lick but Don't Swallow," by Ozen Yula

November 5-18, 2011 | "Young Photographers Award" Exhibition 

November 11, 2011|Kardes Turkuler Music Workshop

November 11, 2011| Asli Çavuşoğlu: Words Dash Against the Façade

November 13, 2011 Kardes Turkuler in Concert with Arto Tuncboyaciyan  feat. Special Guest Ara Dinkjian

October 15, 2011| Application Deadline for Call for Short Films: "Films about Conscience" Project

October 8, 2011|Once Upon a Time in Anatolia by Nuri Bilge Ceylan at NYFF

July 13-16, 2011 | "For Rent," by Ozen Yula    

June 2011 | Summer Residency Program at SVA

May 2011 | "Young Photographers Award" winner announcement

April 11 | Summer Residency Program at SVA Application Deadline

March 25&27 | Public Screening of Majority (Cogunluk)

December 3-5, 10-12 | 12th New York Turkish Film Festival

October-November 2010 | Turkish Film Screenings in Ithaca (NY), Madison (MI), Milwaukee (MI) and Seattle (WA)

August 5, 2010 | Summer Residency Program: Open Studios & Exhibition




Istanbul Hatirasi / Crossing the Bridge-The Sound of Istanbul

Istanbul Hatirasi / Crossing the Bridge-The Sound of Istanbul

2005, 92 minutes, 35 mm, color;
Turkish, English and German with English subtitles 

October 28, Satuday, 8:00 pm 

Directed by Fatih Akin
Screenplay by Fatih Akin
Cinematography by Hervé Dieu
Edited by Andrew Bird
Music by Alexander Hacke, Baba Zula, Orient Expressions, Duman, Replikas, Erkin Koray, Ceza, Istanbul Style Breakers, Mercan Dede, Selim Sesler, Brenna MacCrimmon, Siyasiyabend, Aynur,
Orhan Gencebay, Müzeyyen Senar, Sezen Aksu
Produced by Fatih Akin, Klaus Maeck, Andreas Thiel, Sandra Harzer-Kux, Christian Kux

Contact Information

Marcus Hu
Strand Releasing
6140 W. Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232, USA
Tel: 310 836 7500
Fax: 310 836 7510

"Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days before the screening in order to be mailed. Tickets purchased after this cut off date can be picked up at the theater."

Alexander Hacke, a member of the German avantgarde band “Einstürzende Neubauten” first came into contact with Istanbul and its music while producing the score for Fatih Akin’s Duvara Karsi (Head-on). A lover of experimenting with sound, Hacke roams the streets of Istanbul with his mobile recording studio and "magic mike" to capture the musical diversity of Istanbul. His voyage leads to the discovery of a broad spectrum ranging from modern electronic, rock and hip-hop right down to classical "arabesque". As he wanders through this seductive world, Hacke collects impressions and tracks by artists such as neo-psychedelic band Baba Zula, fusion DJs Orient Expressions, rock groups Duman and Replikas, maverick rocker Erkin Koray, Ceza (Turkey’s answer to Public Enemy), breakdance performers Istanbul Style Breakers, digital dervish Mercan Dede, renowned clarinetist Selim Sesler, Canadian folk singer Brenna MacCrimmon, street performers Siyasiyabend, Kurdish singer Aynur, Orhan Gencebay (the "Elvis of arabesque"), and legendary divas Müzeyyen Senar and Sezen Aksu. Hacke’s home base is the venerable Büyük Londra Oteli (Grand Hotel de Londres) in Istanbul’s district of Beyoglu. From here he wanders through an alien, contradictory, lively, and seductive world, collecting impressions and tracks, drifting along in the unstoppable stream of this mega city of myriad facets. Fatih Akin accompanies him with his camera and shoots a portrait of Istanbul where music suffuses every part of the city, and is dearly loved by all of its inhabitants.

From Fatih Ozguven

“Fatih Akin’s Crossing the Bridge can best be described as a music fan’s stroll through Istanbul. The film brings together all kinds musicians and music-making in a collage-like docudrama; street musicians, avant-garde groups, rappers, legendary singers and classics. What emerges is not only a sense of the vibrancy and diversity of today’s Turkish music scene but also a sort of cultural patchwork. Music in Turkey today more than any art form reflects the country’s conflicting desires, aspirations and many moods. Akin’s alter ego in the film, Alexander Haacke from the German group ‘Einstürzende Neubauten’ goes around in the city collecting sights and sounds trying to make sense of it all. The same goes for Fatih Akin, a Turkish- German director, who is full of fascination and wonder when it comes to not only Turkish music but almost everything Turkish. In Crossing the Bridge he brings together music and images with an energy that is his forte and reflects on the Turkish scene once again.”

Festivals and Awards

2005 Cannes International Film Festival (France): Official Selection out of Competition


Oyun / The Play

Oyun / The Play

2005, 70 minutes
Digital, color
Turkish with English subtitles 

October 28, Saturday, 4:00 pm 

Directed by Pelin Esmer
Screenplay by 
Cinematography by 
Edited by Pelin Esmer
Orginial music by Mazlum Çimen 
Sound by Emrah Yildirim, Bülent Kiliç
Produced by Pelin Esmer and Nida Karabol Akdeniz
Participants: Behiye Yanuk, Cennet Günes, Fatma Fatih, Fatma Kahraman, Hüseyin Arslanköylü, Naside Kahraman, Nesime Kahraman, Saniye Cengiz, Ümmu Kurt, Ümmüye Koçak, Zeynep Fatih

Contact Information

Tolga Esmer

"Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days before the screening in order to be mailed. Tickets purchased after this cut off date can be picked up at the theater." 

9 women living in Arslanköy on the Taurus mountain range in Mersin come together to write and perform a play. To lighten the burden of their daily lives they gather at the school, and lay bare and confront their lives' stories, which the play would be based on. For days on end, under the curious gazes of the village men, they work inexhaustibly and create the play The Outcries of Women! This documentary depicts the development process of this play, and the change these women went through during its creation.

From the press

"Boisterously insightful, hilarious and socially relevant in equal measure, and the perfect antidote to today’s crop of dryly crusading, good-for-you documentaries. Not to be missed." (New York Magazine)

"A Turkish revelation in San Sebastian: Oyun, by Pelin Esmer, is distinguished by the vigor of the subject and the genius of the personalities... The director captures an extraordinary process, which begins with the tales of individual tragedies of each, and ends by the presentation of farce which they finally create. In the course of rehearsals, these timid peasant women become fabulous actresses and develop spontaneously an uncompromising and constructed feminist speech. At first experienced as a hobby, the theatre becomes a question of life or death, which brings them self-respect, respect on behalf of their husband, and an enormous hope for generations to come. In front of the camera, it is a true revolution which took place, peaceful, emotional and dreadfully cheerful." (Le Monde)

Festivals and Awards

2006 Tribeca Film Festival (USA): Best New Documentary Filmmaker 
2006 Trieste Film Festival (Italy): Best Documentary Film 
2006 Créteil Women Films (France): Best Documentary Film 
2006 Navarra Punto de Vista (Spain): The Audience Award 
2006 Nürnberg Film Festival Turkey/Germany (Germany): The Special Prize of the Jury 
2006 Vitoria New European Film (Spain): The Human Rights Award 
2006 Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece): Nominated for the FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics) Award 
2006 Münich International Documentary Film Festival (Germany): Nominated for the Best Film Award 
2006 Seattle Film Festival (USA): Nominated for the Best Documenatry Film Award 
2006 Angers Premiers Plans (France): Panaroma of Turkish Cinema and Forum, Official Selection
2006 Seoul Women’s Film Festival (Korea): New Currents, Official Selection 
2005 International Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey): Witnesses of Our Time 
2005 San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain): Nominated for Best New Director Award 
2005 Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil): Nominated for Best New Director Award 
2005 Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival (France): Nominated for the Best Documentary Film Award 
2005 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkey): Nominated for the Best Documentary Film Award 


Corap / Socks Can Fly

Corap / Socks Can Fly

2004, 5’ 47” 
Digital, color 

October 27, Friday, 9:00 pm

Directed by Basak Doga Temur
Script by Basak Doga Temur
Cinematography by Deniz Eyuboglu
Edited by Basak Doga Temur 
Produced by Basak Doga Temur and Elfin Yuksektepe
Featuring Ece Ulusoy, Arzu Yayintas, Taskin Fuat Akman, Elfin Yuksektepe

Contact Information

Basak Doga Temur
Tel: +90 533 212 9734

"Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days before the screening in order to be mailed. Tickets purchased after this cut off date can be picked up at the theater." 

A little girl doesn’t want to take her socks off.

Festivals and Awards

2005 Hisar Short Film Festival (Turkey)
2005 !F Istanbul Independent Film Festival (Turkey)
2005 Akbank Short Film Festival (Turkey)


Son Tren Yolculugu / Last Train Ride

Son Tren Yolculugu / Last Train Ride

2005, 4’ 01” 
Digital, color 

October 27, Friday, 7:00 pm

Directed by Gokhan Okur
Animation by Gokhan Okur
Script by Tirboro Sound
Cinematography by Gokhan Okur
Music by Triboro Sound
Produced by Gokhan Okur

Contact Information

Gokhan Okur

"Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days before the screening in order to be mailed. Tickets purchased after this cut off date can be picked up at the theater." 

This animated film is about the first steps to madness, and visualizes the thoughts of a bored, desperate and lonely man in New York.

Festivals and Awards

2006 Planet Ant Film & Video Festival (USA): Best Music Video
2006 ONEDOTZERO 10, New Media Festival (UK)
2006 !F Istanbul Independent Film Festival (Turkey)
2006 International Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey)
2006 Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2006


Iki Genç Kiz / Two Girls  

Iki Genç Kiz / Two Girls

2005, 107 minutes
35 mm, color; Turkish with English subtitles 

October 25, Wednesday, 9:00 pm 

Based on Perihan Magden's novel, Iki Genç Kiz (Two Girls)
Directed by Kutlug Ataman
Screenplay by Kutlug Ataman
Cinematography by Emre Erkmen
Edited by Zeynep Zilelioglu, Aziz Günhan Imamoglu, Lew Q
Music by Replikas, Nazan Öncel, Kibariye, Aylin Aslim, Baba Zula
Produced by Gülen Güler
Featuring Hülya Avsar, Feride Çetin, Vildan Atasever, Tugçe Tamer, Gönen Bozbey, Sezgi Mengi, Murat Prosçiler, Ugur Baltepe, Yesim Ceren Bozoglu

Contact Information

Gülen Güler
Yalan Dünya Prodüksiyon
Asmali Mescit Mah., Sofyali Sok.
Iliç Ishani, No: 18/12 
34430 Tünel, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 212 245 9033
Fax: +90 212 245 9032

"Tickets must be purchased at least 4 days before the screening in order to be mailed. Tickets purchased after this cut off date can be picked up at the theater." 

Based on the novel by Perihan Magden, Iki Genç Kiz (Two Girls), tells the story of Behiye and Handan, who come from two very different backgrounds. Behiye is an angry and rebellious university student, with little interest in education. She despises her conservative parents and abusive older brother. Handan is trapped in a love-hate relationship with her single mother, Leman. Leman is a beautiful woman, making her living through rich men. These two young women have a common goal: They both want to give new direction to their lives. When a mutual friend introduces Behiye and Handan, they immediately hit it off and embark on a secret plan to escape their dysfunctional families. The result is an intense relationship that encompasses all that is wonderful and tragic about youth.

From Fatih Ozguven

Two Girls is a rare thing in recent Turkish cinema; a tale of urban disillusionment set in Istanbul, a ‘youth film’, a brave adaptation of a best-selling novel, and most notably, a dramatic film that moves around at the hectic pace of a documentary. Two Girls tells the tale of two teenage girls Handan and and Behiye, both fascinated by the opposites they represent for each other. The film is in fact a sort of girl-girl romance where the protagonists are determined to have fun at all costs. The young girls of the title are attracted by the many possibilities the city has to offer. The possibilities seem endless, but this turns out to be an illusion after all. Therefore, Two Girls is also a tale of betrayal by the city. The girls claim the urban scene with their crazy energy, but the audience soon realizes that beneath lies a society ruled by awkward consumerism, a sad glamour (represented by Handan’s mother), and the need to escape.”

Festivals and Awards

2006 Ankara International Film Festival (Turkey): Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Young Actress (Feride Çetin)
2006 International Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey): National Competition, Best Director 
2006 Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD) Awards (Turkey): Best Soundtrack (Replikas)
2006 Santa Barbara Film Festival (USA)
2006 Cleveland Film Festival (USA)
2006 Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival
2006 British Museum (UK): Special Screening 
2005 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkey): Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Vildan Atasever), Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design
2005 Melbourne Film Festival (Australia)
2005 Oslo Film Festival (Sweden): Official Competition 
2005 Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece): Tribute to Kutlug Ataman 
2005 London Film Festival (UK)
2005 Mannheim Film Festival (Germany): Official Competetion
2005 Turin Film Festival (Italy)
2005 Brooklyn Film Festival (USA)
2005 Philadelphia Film Festival (USA)
2005 Osian Film Festival (India): Tribute to Kutlug Ataman
2005 Jerusalem Film Festival (Israel)